Traumatic brain injury rehabilitation can be a long and overwhelming process. In order to regain your quality of life, traumatic brain injury recovery needs to be helped along by following your treatment plan. Hyperbaric treatment for TBI can be a great option as part of your overall treatment plan. Reading on, you can learn more about recovering from traumatic brain injuries including how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help.

Understanding Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The concept of hyperbaric oxygen therapy sounds scarier than it actually is. With this treatment option, you will be breathing in 100% pure, medical-grade oxygen while you are in a pressurized chamber. This is a chamber that will either be big enough for one person or multiple people. The pure oxygen will then be administered through either a hood or a mask. You will be monitored throughout this entire process to make sure that you are safe. The exact protocol can vary depending on the severity of your injuries.

Why can this work? The thought is that hyperbaric oxygen therapy allows you to breathe pure oxygen within a pressurized environment, which travels to the blood which can then promote the natural healing process and improving how quickly the damaged cells are repaired.

Is It Effective for TBIs?

While this approach has been well-established for a variety of different conditions, there’s still no official evidence that it’s effective for treating TBIs. The data is inconsistent, but there seems to be promise for HBOT as a therapy for TBIs relatively soon after injury. This is the acute stage, which occurs between 1 week and 1 month after your injury. There can be enough evidence to show that during the earliest stages of TBI injury, there can be significant improvements after going through HBOT treatment protocols.

TBI Treatment Protocol with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

As previously mentioned, the exact treatment protocol can vary depending on the severity of the injuries. This is a treatment option that is regulated by the FDA as would happen with any drug treatments on the market. The “dosage” will be determined by how much pressure is in the chamber and how many hours of treatment. These most commonly occur in a hospital setting, with a multiple-user chamber that has a pressure of 2.0 ATM or more. A higher pressure treatment protocol will be used for people with severe TBIs.

Your medical professional will take a closer look at your condition and consider which HBOT treatment protocol would best benefit your specific condition.


Traumatic brain injury rehabilitation can be difficult. With the right treatment plan in place, you can start to recover from your TBI. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be one tool as part of an overall treatment plan, which can help you recover from your TBI quicker than if you didn’t utilize this tool. You just have to remember that any treatment is going to take time, especially depending on the severity of your TBI. Be patient and follow your treatment closely for the best results.

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