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The Best Treatments for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a long-term condition that generally causes mild to significant pain all over a person’s body. The disorder has no known cure and treatments simply help alleviate the symptoms. The consistent pain experienced by people who suffer from fibromyalgia can also lead to a lack of sleep and is often coupled with other sleep disorders. Fibromyalgia in women is also more common.

Other symptoms can include:

– Headaches
– Lack of focus or difficulty concentrating on mental tasks
– Dry eyes
– Depression
– Anxiety

Most treatments are designed to lessen the pain and work differently for everyone. It can feel like a daunting experience to seek out new treatments for fibromyalgia if you suffer from fibromyalgia. This guide will hopefully shed some light on possible treatments from common ailments to more alternative therapies.

What is the best treatment for fibromyalgia?


When considering the best treatment for fibromyalgia it’s important to explore all avenues. The most common form of treatment is a medication, ideally, long-term that can be implemented into your daily routine.

Pain relief medication

All treatments seek to reduce pain and the first port of call for most people experiencing long-term pain is to start a course of painkillers.

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These range in dose and efficacy but many healthcare professionals will advise an over-the-counter medication to alleviate initial symptoms of pain.


Anti-depressants often contain pain-relieving properties when used as a treatment for fibromyalgia. They can help rebalance neurotransmitters in the brain and also improve the quality of sleep.

Anti-seizure drugs

Certain medications designed to treat epilepsy are effective in treating fibromyalgia because of their ability to block signals from nerve cells that cause pain.

Commonly used anti-seizure drugs for fibromyalgia treatment include gabapentin (Neurontin) and pregabalin (Lyrica).

Lifestyle changes

Medication is not the only form of treatment available. Research on new solutions for fibromyalgia is being conducted to hopefully expand the list of treatments. In the meantime, there are indications from patients suffering from the disorder that changes in lifestyle can improve the overall quality of life and make the disorder more manageable.

Switching to a healthier, more balanced diet to get all the nutrients you need from your food is always beneficial for the body, and can help make the pain easier to deal with.

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Therapy can help improve a range of aspects of your life, from productivity to overall happiness. Talking therapy can be a great way to deal with symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The hope is therapy can help you develop a better relationship with the symptoms of pain. The most important element of treating fibromyalgia is improving quality of life and anything you can do to better manage consistent and long-term pain will go a long way.

It’s also key to let the important people in your life know how you feel and give them an insight into how your symptoms impact you. As pain can sometimes be an invisible symptom, others around you may not know the extent to which you’re struggling and can’t offer their help.


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