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Online visits to homes. Examples of interactive virtual tours

Virtual tours are not a technological novelty, because it is being used for years as a visual tool for visits to real estate properties and variants as open virtual homes, virtual reality or augmented reality.

However, the growing need to carry out tasks electronically has triggered both the consumption of this way of visiting homes, as well as the demand, by real estate professionals, for cameras and resources to create virtual tours.


Josep Bach, a professional photographer who works in this real estate in the Vallés Occidental, explains why he uses Matterport to create virtual tours of the houses that capture exclusively:

What investment does it mean to create virtual tours with Matterport?

The matterport virtual tour 3D camera costs € 3,760, to which you have to add a tripod (€ 250 approx). We use an iPad for mounting and 3D virtual glasses to experiment with the result.

To store the projects created, you can hire spaces for 25 or 100 projects, in monthly installments.

As for the time for preparation and reporting on a project, it can be 3-4 hours, plus video editing of about 2-3 hours for each project, depending on the property.

Experience is necessary to know how to capture different variables and treat elements such as doors, stairs, gardens, facades so that the final result is optimal and professional

How does the owner assess a professional virtual tour? 

The owner values ​​the fact of taking a professional virtual tour very positively, as we must be aware that the house is usually the most precious value in people’s lives.

The virtual tour gives more importance to the treatment that is given to the house, generating magic during and from the day of the staging, which will be a memory for a lifetime. It also values ​​the fact of being up-to-date in technology and increasing the ratio of visits, very defined for the sale.

Do you notice that on the part of the interested parties, the properties are filtered more before requesting a face-to-face visit?

Buyers also see very positively the fact of being able to see 4 houses in 15 minutes without leaving the Agency, or from their homes. In this way, they will most likely only see a house in person and, rest assured, it will be a good visit since they have already been in the house virtually before.

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Are they more interested in the homes that the tour has?

It is not that buyers are more interested in homes that have tours, but indirectly they will internalize the properties in their minds with this immersive virtual walk through the sensations it generates and the reality of the detail that permeates total confidence.

matterport measurements

One of the utilities offered by the interface is to take measurements in each room, in addition to going to see the flat mode and moving through the different floors


Joaquín Nuevo, with a Theta camera, composes the images with an Inmovilla application, to display them on his real estate website.

What does the owner think of conducting a virtual tour for his vivid? 

The owner values ​​the virtual tour very positively since he understands that in this way we will avoid unsuccessful visits and minimize the risk. It is a powerful weapon to capture since the client sees that the agency adapts to the new times by applying new technology.

Do you notice that on the part of the interested parties, that the properties are filtered more before requesting a face-to-face visit?

Buyers prefer homes in which they can make the virtual visit because it allows them to examine the property in much more detail and they get a very good idea of ​​what the home is like.

Buyers, are they more interested in the homes that the tour has?

It definitely helps to rule out homes for buyers who in other cases, where only photos existed, could make the visit and discover details that they had not appreciated in the ad.


The photographer who performs the virtual tours for the Jetvillas real estate on the Costa Blanca uses two cameras, depending on the quality required: Sony alpha III and the NIKON 7000. For small reports, Xiaomi my Sphere.

From the real estate Jetvillas, they think that it is the most modern and groundbreaking tool when it comes to presenting homes.  

 If you want to fully bring the buyer closer to the reality of the home, a 360º virtual tour is a solution. The experience is almost real, almost like having visited the house in person.

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An important factor is that it is possible to filter the really interested clients, because they have already seen the house through the tour, so face-to-face visits are made when there is an obvious purchase interest.

 They have shown that a virtual tour increases buyer interest by 84%.


Fernando Godoy, manager of the real estate agency with offices in Nervión and Santa Aurelia de Sevilla, tells us that “after the coronavirus, adaptation to this new time is essential and the use of new technologies has become essential in the real estate sector.

At Vivenzia Home we have been using this technology for several years with multiple advantages for buyers and sellers since the buyer can see the state of the property from their home and thus avoid unnecessary visits for both parties. “


Jose Ignacio de Diego, from Bonlar, hires a professional photographer, who uses the Ricoh Theta camera, together with the Realistic. co software, to set up virtual tours as spectacular as this one:


We are convinced that virtual tour technology will evolve and become basic for presenting real estate properties.

Having a virtual visit means having the possibility of connecting with an interested party and taking a guided tour of the property, generating confidence in the work of the real estate agent who, in turn, detects the real interest of the potential buyer, while assisting him during the tour.

This technology, along with other applications for visual improvement of the property, achieves greater performance if they are framed in a strategic digital marketing plan, where each activity contributes to achieving the objectives of the company.

If you are thinking of digitizing processes and investing in your digital marketing, contact us, we are specialists in online marketing plans.

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