Is Reverse Aging Possible?

You read that right! There seems to be a way of reversing the biological aging process itself. This isn’t simply helping cosmetic aging by getting more sleep and exercising, this is digging into your cells.

Are you interested? Then keep reading to find out more about this age-defying discovery and to get to know the aging process a little better.

What Causes us to Age?

From medical observations, two factors have been pinpointed as being directly linked with aging: short telomeres and the accumulation of dead cells.

Telomeres are at the ends of your chromosomes. The purpose of these is to protect the chromosomes from being damaged, but as your cells copy and paste themselves, the caps of the chromosomes get shorter and shorter until the chromosomes are too damaged to replicate themselves.

So when cells are healthy, with long telomeres, the body replaces itself entirely with this replication process, but with slightly less healthy cells. Eventually, the cells become die, no longer producing new cells. This accumulation of dead cells is called cellular senescence and has been noted as one of the marks of aging.

How Can We Reverse Biological Aging?

For the last few years, there have been impressive breakthroughs in understanding how to reverse the aging process, and if the cause of aging lies with telomeres, the key lies in reverse aging telomeres. But how can we accomplish this?

Well, back in 2020, Sackler School of Medicine and Sagol School of Neuroscience at Tel Aviv University performed a successful clinical trial, showing the potential of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for lengthening telomeres.

To understand how HBOT could reverse biological aging, here’s what you need to know about it. HBOT essentially has the patients with masks over their faces, or in a long tube. In either case, the ambient pressure becomes higher than the normal atmospheric pressure and the patients are fed either 20% or 100% oxygenated air. Usually, it’s 100%.

The Reverse Aging Process with HBOT

So how does reverse aging process work? Well, with a daily 60-90 minute session over the course of two months, the capillaries in the brain expand with the influx of oxygen that became more soluble in the blood with the increased pressure. There is even new capillary growth.

The multiplying and expanded capillaries then improve the transport of blood and oxygen throughout the brain, activating stem cell and growth factor release. The renewed tissue oxygenation targets oxygen and pressure-sensitive genes, and the result is faster tissue metabolism.

The targeted genes also multiply stem cells, which takes care of the dead cell concentrations, and promotes the generation of new tissue repair mechanisms, which meant chromosome telomeres were getting longer.

Basically, when a body is deprived of oxygen at the tissue level (hypoxia), the HBOT sessions restore the oxygen at the tissue level, restoring the length of existing telomeres by almost 40%, and decreasing the number of dead cells by almost 40%.

At the end of the trial, the improved cognitive abilities of the 35 seniors in cognitive function were directly correlated with the improved blood flow caused by the HBOT sessions.


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