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Delivery Route Planners

A delivery route planner is a type of software that schedules and structures groups of delivery drivers to delivery desired products and/or services. Many of these planners have some useful features such as real-time optimization, dispatching communication, driver feedback, and sequencing that constantly restructures the best routes. Many of these types of delivery route planner app are ideal for delivery businesses but are also a great tool for the individual who frequently delivers, either for an independent contract business or a personal business.

What is Route Optimization?

What is the difference between delivery route planners and delivery route optimization? The optimization for delivery planner is the process used to find the most efficient route for a delivery. This doesn’t mean that the software simply finds the best route from point A to point B. What this optimization does is consider many different factors of delivering, including the number of stops, the distance from each stop to another, and any traffic issues that may delay the process. This optimization is also helpful for finding the best way to approach a delivery destination, such as avoiding left-hand turns when possible or navigating a difficult parking area.

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How Do You Choose the Right Planner App?

Easy To Use. When running a business, it can be difficult to convince employees, who have already figured out the best way to perform their tasks with the equipment they have previously used, to utilize new software. It will be easier to get your employees to accept new change if the app you choose is easy to manage and use.

Avoid Lengthy Contracts. When first experimenting with delivery route planner software, it’s best to avoid committing to an annual contract. These contracts can be extremely hard (if not impossible or costly) to get out of. That means that if you commit to a software that often lags or doesn’t provide the right service for your deliveries, you’ll have to deal with it for a year. There’s plenty of good options that offer quarterly or monthly contracts.

Seek Out Trials. Cautious to commit to a route optimization software without seeing what features it has and how helpful the program is for your needs? Seek the providers that offer a free trial. Also, these companies should be willing to provide help setting up and learning the software. Those offering a free trial should allow you to use all the features during your trial, without holding some of the features until you’ve committed to a contract. This is a ploy to get you to pay their price before knowing how useful their software is. The best way to ensure you’re signing up for the right software is to find these companies that are honest and willing to showcase the usefulness of their route optimization before you decide to commit to a contract.

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The most important thing about choosing a delivery route planner app is doing your research. Find some reliable blogs that list the best apps with this optimization and explain why each one is ideal. Once you have a working list of possibilities, see what companies offer reasonable contracts and trials.

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