New Update The Ranch Out of Time Pre-Release Available in RS3

This week, RuneScape 3 prepared a new update for everyone. Based on the information RS3gold knows, all players can start preparing for The Ranch Out of Time this week. Except this, there are many surprising new features as well. You can learn all the details today and buy runescape 3 gold to prepare yourself here!

Ranch Out of Time Egg Collecting

As mentioned above, you can start preparing for The Ranch Out of Time by collecting a few reptile eggs ahead of time. You’ll collect eggs the same way you collect regular baby animals- by hunting down and dispatching their parents. Aww. While taking part in relevant activities on The Land Out of Time like Big Game Hunter, Slayer, and Jadinko Hunting, there’s a chance that you’ll walk away with a scaly new friend.

Obviously it would be heinously irresponsible to hatch these eggs without the proper safety measures in place, so you won’t be able to check the eggs, trade them, or watch the cute critters inside them grow into ravenous beasts until the release of The Ranch Out of Time in November.

Happy 5 year anniversary Ironman!

Just recently Ironman Mode celebrated its 5 year anniversary! To celebrate this there are some special rewards for accounts that have been an Ironman for 5+ years!

– A broadcast will trigger when an account hits the 5 year ironman milestone

– A special title has been added for Ironmen and Hardcore Ironmen, no spoilers so you’ll have to find this one out for yourself!

– A special trimmed version of the ironman armour!


RS3 live streams are always a great opportunity to grab some awesome in-game prizes. And as the first adventurers set foot on Land Out of Time, there is an update of the LootScape as well. This month, each and every RuneScape stream watched will give you a random drop from one of the following:


– 1 – 2 hunter marks

– 250 resources in a random Base Camp resource

– Guaranteed drop from Basic Drop Table (see below)

– View counter goes up on Orb

Chance based:

– A random skilling outfit piece (if unowned)

– Either Nature’s Balance or Loots Cape (if unowned)

These amazing new events are waiting for you in Runescape 3. Are you ready to begin your journey? Whenever you need to buy RS3 Gold to enhance yourself, RS3gold always have cheap rs gold for sale with services. Please stay tuned on our site for more!

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