Nelson Weiper is a well-rounded forward by NBA2king FC 24

Laurin Ulrich is another hidden talent under VFB Stuttgart FC 24 Coins Arsquo;s ranks, and he can be the ideal player you purchase for the centre midfielder role. Thanks to his decent pace and dribbling, the young prospect can adapt well to the attacking midfielder position and on the wings.

In the Career Mode, Laurin Ulrich starts at an overall rating of 61, and you can nurture him into a top talent within five or six seasons. Furthermore, his potential stands at 84, and he can be a massive part of your team in creating goalscoring opportunities.Besides Leandro Morgalla, you can consider Madi Monamay as an option for the centre back role, and he has all the right things to develop into a star player in the position. He comes with an overall rating of 61, which could be sufficient if you manage a club in the lower divisions.

Discussing his potential, he can reach 84, and you must play him consistently for him to climb up to the particular mark. Madi Monamay can additionally play in the defensive midfielder spot, and you can even use him as a backup fullback if required.Greuther FAuuml;rth has a great talent with them in the form of Sidney Raebiger, and the German midfielder is pretty capable when it comes to technical ability. He is essentially a product of RB LeipzigArsquo;s academy, and he is even their youngest debutant.

The brilliant overall stats that Sidney Raebiger has in FC 24Arsquo;s Career Mode can be pretty helpful on the pitch, and you must consider purchasing in the first one or two seasons. EA has given the player an overall rating of 62 and a potential of 84, so investing in a prospect like him would be a no-brainer.

Nelson Weiper is a well-rounded forward and one of the few hidden gems for the striker position. The prospect has made his way through the ranks of FSV Mainz 05 and has already made his debut in the Bundesliga for the prominent club.The playerArsquo;s numbers in FC 24Arsquo;s Career Mode are quite decent, and he has an overall of 63, alongside a potential of 84. He is valued  EA Sports FC Coins at around Aeuro;1.5 million, and you can get him for a decent price with proper bargaining.

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