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Need to ship to various locations within the Lost Ark

Sailing Materials

In Sailing Materials you can purchase any item associated with shipping that players need to ship to various locations within the Lost Ark.

Adventurer’s Tome Items

The Adventurer’s Tome Items are also from an area of the Codex Buy Lost Ark Gold. The player may either acquire this item from Neria or trade it on the market of Lost Ark. The information on all of these items is included to the Codex. Here’s a complete overview of Rohendel’s Adventure Tome from Rohendel Adventure Tome in Lost Ark.


Pets aren’t essential in the Lost Ark, but these objects are able to follow you through the game. They can be useful as they gather various items that are dropped and distribute them to players. These items that are collected may give an advantage to players.


Mounts are specific , reusable objects or animals. Different types of mounts include those like the Yudia White Horse, Dyorike Brown Horse, Loghill Black Horse, Red Ladybug, Blue Ladybug, Frost Wolf, Gray Stripe Raptor, Shadow Wolf, Borea Steed, Red Mane Wolf, Flying Nimbus, Borea Courser, Dawn Chamkuri Azure Moss Turtle Gold Moss Turtle, Apostle and Terpeion.

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Harmony Shards Harmony Shards are the main type of Shard in the Lost Ark market cheap Lost Ark Gold.

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