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NBA 2K23 unveiled a selection it’s player ranks on Wednesday

NBA 2K23 unveiled NBA 2K MT a selection it’s player ranks on Wednesday. It’s no surprise some of the names appear at the top. Giannis Antetokounmpo landed in the top spot in the rankings with a 99 overall rating. LeBron, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Nikola Jokic, and Joel Embiid follow Zion, who were all 96 overall rankings.

You guessed it, the most highly rated Pelican was Zion Williamson, with an 87 ranking in the game.Many people in the comments section immediately expressed their displeasure over the seemingly low rankings for Williamson. The ranking was his lowest since his debut season.Remember that the rankings are amorphous and may be altered or increased based on your performance when you are on court. The last time we saw Zion Williamson play, he averaged close to 27 points per contest on 60 percent shooting in the field so expect his ranking to improve with similar production.

The one award he did win was the highest dunk score during the game. He finished just behind Ja Morant, who scored an overall score of 97 points for dunkers. That’s quite an impressive feat for someone who returned after missing a whole season due to foot surgery.Zion’s physical strength and athleticism make him a showstopper to watch while he’s dunking the basketball. The game’s creators know this and showed behind-the-scenes footage of Zion doing his dunk to make sure they capture his perfect poetry Buy NBA 2K MT in motion.

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