Mmoexp Madden 23 :It’s also one thing to try and read

For those hoping for something console-specific for MUT 23 ltds the new generation consoles in terms of franchise upgrades, that will not be happening. Seann Graddy spoke specifically about this, and while he did say that two more franchise updates are coming, they will be across all platforms and the focus on the franchise mode will then switch to Madden 23.

While this may be disappointing to some, EA has at least mostly been clear this would be the case for months. For those who have not been following the news, this might come as a surprise, but for the rest of us, we sort of knew this was going to be the end result. I am not giving EA a pass here for this being the result, but it is not some major bait and switch.

EA has promised to look at ways to further the franchise experience in the upcoming years, and while nothing specific has been said about next year’s title or the years after, it is safe to say that doing nothing would cause another huge uproar in the community.

After doing the Madden review for IGN last year and for Operation Sports this year — and having played this franchise since the initial release on Apple II — I would consider myself vested. I have seen the best and the worst, and I have been to many of these preview events. This one felt different. The presentation had real substance to it, and you could almost feel the confidence that each participant had when speaking.

It’s also one thing to try and read the room, but I also witnessed the game and its details for myself with my own eyes, and I came away with excitement about this franchise that I haven’t felt in years. I do think there is a reason that those involved in the presentation buy mut coins madden 23 kept reiterating how they believe Madden 23 next gen will be the best football simulation ever. Now, I’m not buying that, but I’ll buy into the hype in the sense that the visuals, the details and the plan all give me hope for this year and beyond.

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