His strength might be a little better in the long run, but he’s got stamina for days, so keep an eye out on him.Ronaldo and FIFA 23 Coins Messi were once some of the fastest athletes in football but since Lionel Messi has a short size and is only Cristiano Ronaldo can be considered as a solid lengthy player.

It is most likely Ronaldo’s last year with FIFA’s top-rated ratings Therefore, you should buy him If not for his amazing stats, then for his legendary status.

If we’re discussing real drawbacks, then the only thing that Ronaldo lacks in his game is his passing capabilities that must be improved.

Van Dijk is currently considered to be among the most effective center backs in FIFA 23. The achievement of gaining such a prestigious reputation isn’t an easy feat, but when you have such power, endurance, and overall defensive ability there is no reason to be surprised.

Van Dijk may not be the fastest in the first meters of running, but once he gets going , nothing will hinder Van Dijk, making him an outstanding player for long distances.

Anyone who has had the opportunity to play him in their club league will be able to tell they are incredibly valuable as an defender. Salah is an incredible right winger with one of the highest numbers of scored goals during the course of a single player’s career.

Many FIFA players see him as an excellent player over and even Lionel Messi, and would place him one notch higher in the 91st percentile, considering his shooting speed, pace, and, of course, dribbling. Take note that a majority of his goals are easily scored in the outside of the box due to his immense ball control.

Kane is another instance of a soft start, but a long acceleration due to high strength and height. He is mostly known for his long-distance passing skills which work well and attacking on their own and creating opportunities for others to score goals easily.

Even though he performed better in the last season, and even dropping to 89-89 points, this makes him a formidable striker.Kimmich has never been a superstar in FUT 23 buy Coins However, he’s been an effective central midfielder.

The most effective skill he has is passing but his main weakness is his speed, which is easily addressed by his AcceleRATE system, making him a strong defensive player.

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