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Madden NFL 23PA executive director DeMaurice

But that leap, much like the one Leaf suggests, isn’t all an even one. Mayfield’s bravado isn’t a sign of a career which is about to crash off the track Mut 23 coins.

What’s going on? Miami airport workers are fasting in opposition during Super Bowl week

“Our members work for a living,” Madden NFL 23PA executive director DeMaurice Smith told workers protesting at the Miami airport on Monday morning. “They’re the ones who tear their backs. They’re also the people who break their hands and are the ones who actually actually work. We’re labor. They’re management, we’re labor.”

Smith attempted to address the myth that the sports unions do not need or provide the same level of solidarity offered by larger unions of lower-income workers, such a teacher’s unions, healthcare workers unions, or in the case unions like UNITE HERE — the union behind the protest — hospitality, transportation and manufacturing workers across the United States. Smith spoke in support of the current public protest by UNITE HERE of a six-day strike during the Miami Airport by airline catering workers who have been fighting for fair wages and healthcare for more than one year.


“When we get people like that of the Madden NFL 23PA show their support and draw the parallel between our challenges and those of players experience It shows that at the final analysis, it’s still fighting for the boss,” states Diana Hussein, a communications specialist at UNITE HERE.

“This week we’ll be in one of the largest parties anywhere,” Smith told the crowd. “But behind every flight and party are those working to provide food for their family’s table. To American who is bringing people to Miami to watch to watch the Super Bowl madden nfl 23 coins, shame on you for not offering the basic living wage.”

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