“He isn’t Lil Wayne. He’s a … football trainer. … Coordinator of defense of the Saints. He doesn’t have security guards … in front his home Mut 23 coins.”

No, he is not Lil Wayne. I’d guess that the plot was hatched by somebody from Who Dat Nation fed up with Ryan’s defenses costing his team so many wins.

Weezy is likely to coach a better defense.

Week 1. Madden NFL 23 PICKS: Do not miss out on picks for every Madden NFL 23 game this week. Our expert panel agrees with each of Packers, Seahawks and Texans this week.

BUCS GET SHORTS: Buccaneers sign Cecil Shorts. The Buccaneers enhance their receiving staff, they hope.

AIKMAN DOES NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE: Troy Aikman sounds off on Fox accepting Skip Bayless. He told Aikman, “To say I’m unhappy with the appointment of Skip Bayless would be an enormous understatement.” Bayless is, if you’re remembering the interview, claimed that Aikman was gay in his book on the Cowboys.

A MUCH HARDER WAY TACKLE The tackling style of rugby could represent the next step for more secure Madden NFL 23. and football on every level. Heads-Up tackling hasn’t resulted in fewer concussions, so it might be time for the league to consider the possibility of a different strategy.

IRSAY SPEAKS Up: Colts owners Jim Irsay opens up about the Ryan Grigson-Chuck Paganos relationship. Colts manager Jim Irsay talks about the often contentious relationship between the manager Ryan Grigson and coach Chuck Pagano and where they stand today.

LONDON AGAIN: The reasons why London’s soccer club Tottenham is building a new soccer arena that is designed with Madden NFL 23 in mind. Tottenham the chairman Daniel Levy is building his Premier League club’s new home to be more than just the stadium for soccer. Levy wants White Hart Lane to someday be the permanent home for the Madden NFL 23 club cheap madden 23 coins.

Early Draft HYPE Myles Garrett looks well-prepared for his 2017 Madden NFL 23 Draft.

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