We’ll check if the situation pans out. At the moment, it’s hard to Madden 23 coins evaluate this until we know the amount. Anything too far north of $10M a year will be absurd.Emmanuel Ogbah to sign 4 year, $65M contract to stay with the Dolphins

This is a significant amount of money, but Ogbah is worth it. The defensive end of 28 years old has two consecutive 9.0 seasons of sacks for the Dolphins as well as a good 77.0 evaluation from PFF this season.

There’s no question that Ogbah has become a defensive pivot for the Dolphins, and keeping him was crucial to the initial achievement of Mike McDaniel as head coach. If Miami allowed this to drag on, I’m certain that the cost would have gone up and I believe that from top to bottom it’s a very good deal.

The move I am a fan of significantly less. The issue isn’t about the player , but signing one of the players to an agreement with a free agent that exceeds his earnings. Edmonds has been a decent all-purpose runner however nothing exceptional.

I’m not sure I could have had an ex- Cardinals RB in the top top five rushers in the market, and I think his production could have been easily brought up during the draft. I would have much rather that the Dolphins spend more on the player who has huge potential like Rashaad Penny, instead of giving Edmonds more than $6 million per year.

I really, really appreciate this move due to what it will do for the rest of Cincinnati’s free-agent. My concern was that the team would utilize its vast amount of available cap space to sign a couple of big name players, and not apply a comprehensive approach to the market.

Cappa The former Buccaneers’ guard, is solid value at a price of $10 million with his current level of performance. Cappa is a major upgrade to the offensive line, which has been revamped to assist Joe Burrow, and I like the fact that he’s not eating enough cap space that could tie the Bengals the hands of their opponents.

If these type of moves are continued and the Bengals are able to make smart signings at positions where they are needed without blowing their entire budget, this team is likely to be more terrifying in 2022.

Do not get me wrong: Michael Gallup is a really excellent player. The guy is also (by every account) a great locker room guy, and a beloved person in the organization. However, from an objective football perspective, this seems like a huge waste of the limited allowance area Dallas owns.

Gallup is struggling to recover the performance from his 1.100 yard season of 2019. taking steps back in every one of the past two seasons. A significant portion of that was an injury-shorted madden 23 coins cheap 2021 which saw him close the season on IR however, cutting Amari Cooper to save money but then signing Gallup for close to the same amount of money is but it’s not really a plan.

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