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Madden 23 announcement date for the game is Friday

Do you think Madden 23 be available on Nintendo Switch?

Each year we get the release of a new game Mut 23 coins, and it raises questions as to whether or not the long ignored platforms will be joining the group for Madden 23.Unfortunately, Madden 23 was first announced in June and Nintendo Switch was not among the platforms confirmed for this year’s release.

At present, the most recent Madden 23 announcement date for the game is Friday, August 19. 2022. and the versions launching then will not include Nintendo Switch. Although it’s been a long time since Madden 13 had its last Nintendo appearance for the series, hopes have been high for the franchise as many other games have made the jump to Switch.

NBA 2K21 as well as NBA 2K22 both launched on Nintendo Switch despite feature differences between those versions and new version versions for Xbox Series X|S and PS5.MLB The Show 22 also went through a major change this year when it brought the title on Nintendo Switch for the first time, just one year after the end of their PlayStation exclusivity and moving to Xbox.

To top it off, EA is no stranger to the space with FIFA 22 Legacy Edition as well as other EA titles such as Apex Legends and Knockout City featuring a Switch presence.

When will Madden come back to Nintendo?

Although it appears highly unlikely at this point it is unlikely that Madden 23 will be released on Nintendo Switch, there are positive signs for next year madden 23 coins cheap. According to Twitter accounts Madden 23 Leaks there’s a deal being worked out to release Madden 24 to Nintendo Switch.

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