They’ve already dropped 1st Quarter Challenges in 2nd Quarter and 1st Quarter of Ultimate Season 1, with 3rd Quarter and Fourth Quarter challenges expected to Madden nfl 22 coins be released in the coming weeks. With the timing stated to us by EA with the rest of the quarters kept in our minds, we’re anticipating that the MUT-22 Ultimate Season 1 end date to be 19th November, 2021.

It’s possible to see this change depending on the way EA intends to play Ultimate Season 2, but the odds are that Ultimate Season 1 and and 2 begin at the same time. If you’re playing Madden 22 Ultimate Team and make your way through Ultimate Season 1, you’ll receive a variety of rewards including MUT Coins, Training Points packs along with brand new cards and much more.

The most exciting rewards that people are anticipating is the four players up for grabs as you level higher in Ultimate Season 1. You’ll only get to pick one of the Season Champion players, but Devin Hester and Junior Seau each have an 82 OVR rating and would be definite assets to any squad, make sure you pick the right one for your requirements.

Madden 22 Zero Chill is bringing back the popular December MUT Promotion and we now know the date to look forward to it. After a reveal in Good Morning Madden, it seems that Madden 22 Zero Chill is set to kick on the 10th of December.

Here’s more information regarding when exactly Zero Chill is due to arrive and what kinds of content will be in MUT 22. We don’t have an definitive confirmation, Madden 22 has continued the pattern of maintaining Ultimate Team thriving with frequent new promos.

So far , we’ve seen exciting new promos like Bo Knows, but we’ve also witnessed the return of old favorites like Most Feared and Blitz.We could witness a little of both this month, but it’s unlikely to see the latter option, which doesn’t mean the return of Zero Chill.

This exciting Winter themed promo is a favorite on Madden Ultimate Team for years and replaced the previous Ultimate Freeze promo in MUT 18, and growing stronger each year since then.Though there is no confirmation yet, we have a rough idea of the date you can expect Zero Chill to arrive in MUT 22.

They’ve consistently leaned on the Friday morning drop for every larger promo happening on Madden 22 Ultimate Team, and they might kick things off as early as this week or next.

Whatever the case, we’ll probably have the program announced on a Wednesday edition Good Morning Madden, get an announcement of the program with all of the players on the following Thursday’s episode of Good Morning Madden, and it’ll culminate in the release of the program during the Friday dawn. The launch date buy Mut 22 coins as early as Dec. 3, 2021, but the usual practice is to wait to a little later in the month before kicking things off therefore it’s likely to be around December 10, 2021.

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