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Lost Ark advanced classes are an issue that is being discussed


Lost Ark advanced classes are an issue that is being discussed by players who are keen to try out the abilities and kits offered in the Korean version of the p2p Buy Lost Ark Gold. Amazon Games says it plans to launch new advanced classes into the Western edition of Lost Ark alongside new content releases. The classes are the most appropriate which is why the Destroyer advanced class is available alongside the Valtan Legion Raid where it can put its handy stagger abilities to work.

Amazon Games also explains that it’s trying to stay clear of launching new classes immediately ahead of major overhauls, in order to reduce anger from players trying to learn the new class as quickly when it becomes available.

“We plan to launch one new Advanced Class every two months throughout 2022.” Amazon Games says. “We’ve worked on this with Smilegate RPG to carefully plan the schedule. It is a much faster cadence than other regions when we catch up.”

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The studio claims it’s trying to plan out the release roadmap for the remainder of the year in a manner that keeps players coming into and back into Lost Ark, and having new content to play along with new advanced classes to try out will “help maintain the long-term health of the game.”

Amazon Games also says it’s also collaboration together with Smilegate RPG to develop games with new events that are in-game and other features that will allow players to rapidly advance in the new Lost Ark classes once they arrive.

Another Lost Ark advanced class we’ll see is the arcanist, a mage subclass whose abilities depend on a powerful card deck. Arcanist’s advanced class will be available in July together with Inferno Difficulty which will be available for Valtan Legion Raid and Challenge Abyssal Dungeons.

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Lost Ark has quickly established itself as a must-play game of 2022. The free-to-play fantasy p2p sees players dashing around the land of Arkesia and trying to find an ancient relic that has been destroyed and bring peace. Naturally cheapest Lost Ark Gold, this is not an easy task and players will find themselves constantly battling enemies and demons on their journey – giving ample opportunity to build up each character.

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