With the Season 3 of Battle for Azeroth hitting on today, you need to learn wow classic gold some main changes for the this season first, including the way that dungeons scale in the Mythic+ system, a new seasonal affix and so on.

How do Blizzard change the way that dungeons scale in the Mythic+ system?

During BFA Season 3, the current 8% factor has been changed to 10%, which will significantly affect higher keystones. To keep balance for the effect of the change, the base dungeon (Mythic 0) Health and Damage will not be increased. That’s to say, there is a similar difficulty between a +10 Keystone in Season 3 and a +12 Keystone currently in Season 2.

New seasonal Beguiling affix

In dungeons, you may encounter 3 different types of Emissaries from Queen Azshara, helping their denizens. And each dungeon you may see several Emissaries of one type. Meanwhile, the same Emissary will help the same group in every keystone you complete.
The Enchanted Emissary comes with the passive aura Queen’s Decree: Blowback and the passive ability Enchanted. While immune to Crowd Control, it can be stunned and knocked, such as being hit and triggering the passive Enchanted.
The Void-Touched Emissary comes with the passive aura Void Sight, granting it True Sight, while the Emissary of the Tides comes with the passive aura Queen’s Decree: Unstoppable.
What is more, each Emissary works in a different way on a wipe, much alike the Reaping mobs retaining health.

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