The 12 playoff games he played in 2k23 mt, he averaged 18.6 scores, 5.7 rebounds, and 8.6 assists while hitting 5.6 goals per match. These figures set new records which aren’t comparable to the superstar who earns $40 million each year. While he’s in the role of a point-guard, that’s not a statistic which many players have the ability to do.

Harden’s dilemmaThe main cause in the reason for Harden’s lackluster performance is his psychological state. As a star Harden, it’s not hard to judge technically.

But he did not believe in himself at critical times and wasn’t brave enough to shoot which was disappointing. It’s evident in the interview with reporters after this game, that Harden will not be staying at the 76ers during the season. But, based on his current performance, if he does not act to reduce his salary, the 76ers may not be able to continue to agree. The team does not only want to win the title but, more importantly, make profit.

Harden is currently paid too much in addition, his court performance isn’t great. If he’s not willing to reduce his earnings and to renew the contract, it’ll not be easy for the club to continue to hire him.Why did we not see Harden and Embiid play in the same game? There is speculation that there’s some kind of conflict between Harden as well as Embiid.

Another theory might be that the coach isn’t satisfied with Harden’s performance, which reduces his chances of keeping the ball. Based on previous experiences it is evident that most of the times, Harden has the ball however he doesn’t make a lot of shots, and some are afraid to cheap mt nba 2k23 even take a photograph.

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