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I’m not very proficient at composing quests but here goes

I’m not very proficient at RS gold composing quests but here goes. Start point: Speak to a adventurer south west of the gnome stronghold Wanted quests: Eagles summit, grand tree, Underground pass, regicide, monkey madness. Required stats (and the ones for the previous quests): 50 agility and theiving (greater prefered for to isafdar saftley) 37 hunter, 32 fletching.

Required objects: 10 normal Logs, A knife, a hatchet, hunter crossbow or 1300 gp. Good food and armour since you will need to combat a range assaulting kebbit free of prayer. Suggested things: A tinderbox, antipoison (one can do) Teleports to ardougne. Now choice 2 will start the quest so from there you need to go north past eagles summit and into the forest beyond there. You’ll need to trap 10 kebbits and fletch their spikes into kebbit bolts. After that, return to the adventurer and provide him the bolts.

Then go to yanille’s hunter store and buy a hunters crossbow to get 1300gp. Go back to the adventurer and provide it to him. Thank you so much. Although I think I am having my doubts of your skill. Would you humor me and kill that giant bird on the market? I guess. . .no problem. A bird will spawn similar to the giant roc in the my arms enormous adventure quest. It will be a level 105 and attack with range magic and melee and you can’t utilize prayer. It’ll be pretty weak to melee and toxin attacks though.

He’ll be ready. However, the adventurer forgot to mention that the kebbit king has lots of gaurds and that you both cannot finish off the kebbit king alone. Everything you’ll have to do is convince the leader of buy osrs gold paypal the elves, Lord Lorwerth, to deliver you a suitable army. You’ll have to go through the underground pass or just simply walk down the passing found just south of the adventurer. Bring an antipoison if you want but it is not mandatory. Continue on preventing traps and eat when nessesary. When you get to god lorwerth

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