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I’m not in the market for an RS3 style rework

It makes you add a the smithable dragon at most and then rework KQ RuneScape gold, drop tables of RDT, as well as metallic dragons. Additionally, mining and fletching need to be modified. Many tasks, but this does not mean it’s not outdated.

I’m not in the market for an RS3 style rework that adjusts levels. However, I am open to other materials to smith with, maybe that would require a secondary ingredient to smith. Perhaps to create sets with abilities or armor comparable to those that require higher levels but with a lower alchemy value.

A quick example: shadowed steel requires a fresh drop that is given to shades as well as steel bars. Set is similar to steel, but it gives a small bonus to pickpocket chance. Cold iron is made by making iron bars while wearing a salve amulet. Functions as mith vs undead iron, but iron is not. Azurite is an alloy made of steel and mithril that needs levels that are just above mithril to make, functions as an alchemy value, but is not as strong as mithril and steel.

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The skills to me that should take priority rework-wise are smithing, woodcutting, mining, and runecrafting (in this order). My opinion is that these skills do not work in all three aspects of a skill; the XP (exclude smithing), moneymaking, and game interaction (agility is also problematic in these areas but not as much as the other areas).

If improving those skills isn’t their prioritization, then learning the ability to learn a new skill that can freshen the game’s main gameplay is what I would focus on next. I was not around during the days of artisan however I think that would be a really excellent way to motivate other abilities, like the way people love to slayer to build the combat stats, while unlocking new bosses and monsters.

I find this hilarious because I am a person who mainly sits in F2P and uses these skills often to reduce expenses for cheap RuneScape gold members. Just cause they have no value in members does not mean they aren’t of significance in some other place. I’d prefer that Cooking, Crafting, and Fishing got revamped I believe that these skills are more valuable generally because they’ve been utilized by Members. Crafting is about as good when it comes to F2P Moneymakers.

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