If you can get a TokkulZo instead of the archer’s ring: it’s part of the older kiln quest . It is a bonus on all combat stats with the exception of prayer and <a href=”https://www.rsgoldfast.com/”>RS gold</a> strength which makes it better than an archer’s ring.

A ring amulet is probably a better product to purchase than a fury: it is more effective in defending against attacks with a range bonus , but it protects you in a lesser way and has no prayer bonus.

The Robin Hood hat, or an archer helm: for a quick stat check, the archer helm provides higher defence but the robin hat offers +2 more in the way of ranged offense. The choice is yours as the differences are small. Robins work great for cosmetic purposes and can be colored to earn loyalty points at Xuan in burthorpe and Varrock, but.

If you don’t already own them, purchase barrow’s gloves: these things are very powerful to fit into the glove slot, and are extremely useful as result. You should also purchase some ranging boots You should purchase snakeskin since ranger boots (12M) don’t fall into your budget.

A shield slot would likely require an illuminated god’s book. Zamorak’s book costs around 22 million the better option is armadyl’s Law book costing 1.7M that’s just two less ranged offenses, however it has defensive abilities and once you’ve illuminated it, you’ll also get a large prayer bonus.

The cape you wear should be an ava’s cape unless you’re doing something else that requires it to be useful, like shooting ogres from a cage. If that’s the case, you’ll need to wear your most elegant ardougne cloak or another one with offensive or prayer bonuses. Red dragonhideis the best choice, of course, unless you’re looking to gain void. I hope this helps!

In looking at your charms I’m not convinced you’re able to get the 69 you want without buying more charms. If you’re looking for golds using barker beads it’s 1840 gold charms worth 160k xp. greens are 1620 using Ibis, Crimsons it’s 569 with stranger plants and blues it’s likely you’ll like to keep but it’s 343 with Kyatt’s or Grahms.

On the front, it’s around 1.5m in the case of toads. 4.7m for ibis, 2.5m for plants with a different name along with 3.4m in the case of Graahks (4.4m in the case of Kyatt). A mix is somewhere in between. If you’re lucky, you’ll earn the <a href=”https://www.rsgoldfast.com/”>buy OSRS gold</a> equivalent of half through sales of the pouches. However, there is one exception: blue pouches, which can earn your money back, but you’ll need to locate an efficient source of blue charms.

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