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His physical strength may be a bit stronger however

Benzema likely had the highest number of fluctuations and downs of his ability to play throughout his existence in the FIFA 23 Coins franchise. However, this year he’s definitely considered one of the finest players.

He is also one of the biggest player in soccer. that makes him an ideal center forward with a long stride. If he has a proper strategy, he could be easily competing against Mbappe even though his speed is a lot slower than Kylian’s.

That’s the reason the reason his score increased from 89 to 91 just a year.Lewandowski is a master striker! With a height that is as impressive similar to Benzema and a slightly stronger physique, Lewandowski can easily compete in terms of speed and acceleration to any other player as mentioned above.

A lot of players consider him to be even better and could easily give him a score of 95, which is the top scorer in the league. The way he builds up his play along with his passing ability would be a guarantee of such a position.

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However, if you’re searching for a striker who is solid and has some long-range capabilities it’s a good substitute for Mbappe.

A lot of FIFA players aren’t conscious of how skilled the Korean footballer is especially when speaking of his shooting ability.

Beyond his impressive acceleration and speed in passing and dribbling, his passing skills are just as good. When you consider that he is left-handed and has a left wing, he could be an excellent teammate, and also provide additional offensive capabilities.

His physical strength may be a bit stronger however, he’s got stamina for days and so keep an eye on him.Ronaldo and Messi used to be some of the most fast players in the league but since Lionel Messi has a short stature the only one Cristiano Ronaldo is regarded as a solid , long-lasting player.

This is likely to be Ronaldo’s last year with FIFA’s top-rated ratings Buy him now, even if not because of his remarkable stats, then at least for his famous standing.

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If we’re talking about actual drawbacks, then the FUT 23 Coins for sale only thing that Ronaldo does not have is his passing skills that should be improved.

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