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Have you ever wondered who the players are sporting


Once you’ve completed Gertrude’s Cat quest, she will Gertrude is going to give you adorable kittens. No charges or questions asked. There are RuneScape Gold no conditions included. Each kitten takes about three hours to mature. After that, it’s eligible to exchange for Gertrude for 100 Death Runes or 200 once you’ve completed Ardougne Diary (easy) it seems odd, but it’s the truth. You can keep mature cats in the bank and then turn them all in at once , if you want to be able to do so at your own convenience.

Level of Cooking Skill to 29. When you’ve mastered cooking up, get two bags from “the items” (reward of Trouble Brewing mini-game) four buckets of water four bushels barley malt Two ale yeast pots eight pinches of harrarlander as well as sixteen beer glasses that are empty and walk up to the top floor of Laughing Miner Pub where brewery is located.

Fill the vats (be attentive to the order you fill them with, it’s essential) water, barley, “the stuff”, harrarlander and yeast then leave for anywhere from eight to two full days for it to ferment. Presto you’ve got yourself Two batches of beer ready for sale on the Grand Exchange!


Have you ever wondered who the players are sporting the fancy helmet icon on the chat? You may have noticed some of them looking differently than most of the players in the base, sporting strange set pieces that do not meet. They are the Ironmen – most dedicated players of Old School RuneScape who decided to play every aspect of the game in their own way.

Since Ironman players are limited to being self-sufficient (which means they are unable to trade or utilize to trade with the Grand Exchange), they have to rely on crafting. Making the most of what you have is the motto of every Ironman players, and here we’re here to help in this. If you’re making hides for bodies and boots or working on your cut orb or forging steel for new legs, or making silver jewelry, or using a grinder for crushing herbs, every one of these is a type of crafting that are part of the game.

People who want to make their adventure more difficult than it already is could want to boost its level of difficulty by turning into an Ironman. There are currently three kinds of them available in OSRS

Standard Ironman – Have to be totally self-sufficient. This means they will not be able access any items or objects made or acquired through other characters. It includes drop stealing trading, going into their house, gaining EXP for killing them, etc. Hardcore Ironman – Same as the above, except death in runescape gold reviews this game mode is punishable by reducing Hardcore Ironman to the Standard Ironman. This does not apply to safe minigames such as Nightmare Zone.

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