What to Consider When Building Your Own Supplement Stacks in Australia

Spending hours sweating it out at the gym might not be enough to get shredded or bulk up. You might need additional support besides ensuring enough sleep, eating a clean diet, and meticulously counting macros. This usually means taking supplements, but there is no single product that can do everything. You’ll need to build your own supplement stacks.

Stacking supplements means strategically combining specific supplements that you need to supply your body with energy for workouts and building lean muscle. Additionally, it should fill your body’s nutritional gaps. The best supplement stack will support you in achieving your health and fitness goals. You just have to be careful when picking supplements. Use this guide to eliminate the guesswork.

The basics

 Start with supplements that will support the aspects of muscle building:

  1. Supplements that can provide power for training and extra energy, like creatine and pre-workout formula.
  2. Supplements that can build muscle, such as protein powder.
  3. Supplements to support recovery and fill nutrition gaps, like a multivitamin

Once you’ve found the right ingredients, you can include others in your supplement stacks for specific goals, like thermogenic fat burners for weight loss, fish oil for a speedy recovery and inflammation management, or testosterone boosters to support your health and energy levels.


Take the time to know what the supplements are made of so you know they are safe for you. If you’re vegan or prefer something natural, choose hemp protein powder for your supplement stacks. It’s high in fibre for gut health and healthy digestion. Plus, it contains good fats like omega 3, 9, and 6, essential amino acids, and anti-inflammatory properties to prevent arthritis. Another great thing about hemp protein is its allergen-free, making it safe for those allergic to soy or nuts.

Check out the bundles.

Some retailers offer product bundles to reduce your guesswork in building a supplement stack that’s right for you.

Find the perfect products for your supplement stack at Royal Hemp.

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About the author:

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