Industrial cooling systems must be both reliable and efficient, and the screw compressor chiller delivers on both fronts. It’s a leading technology for medium to large cooling applications, but what makes it an optimal solution? This article explores the mechanics, types, applications, and benefits of the screw compressor chiller, highlighting why it’s a solid choice for various industries.

Understanding screw compressor chillers

Traditional chillers often rely on reciprocating compressors, which can be limiting in terms of performance and reliability. In contrast, screw compressor chillers employ a specialized mechanism to cool water or air, making them a strong choice for regulating temperatures in industrial settings.

Types of screw compressor chillers

Manufacturers typically offer two kinds of screw compressor chiller systems:

  • Air-cooled screw chillers – An air-cooled screw compressor chiller is a self-contained system that uses air as its cooling medium. It efficiently extracts heat from industrial processes and releases it into the surrounding air. These chillers find applications in commercial spaces, supermarkets, hospitals, and medical industries, as well as in manufacturing food, beverages, plastics, steel, and chemicals.
  • Water-cooled screw chillers – Designed with compactness in mind, water-cooled screw chillers include a cooling tower for enhanced efficiency. These chillers condense based on the ambient temperature around the bulb. They can be conveniently installed indoors and are versatile, serving industries such as electronics, plastics manufacturing, chemical processing, printing, food dispensing, and pharmaceuticals.

Why choose a screw compressor chiller?

There are compelling reasons to opt for screw compressor chiller systems, whether you’re considering an air-cooled or water-cooled variant:

  • High efficiency – Modern screw compressor chillers are designed for energy efficiency, featuring generously sized, high-quality heat exchangers and top-grade screw compressors from reputable brands like Hanbell and Bitzer.
  • Dependable performance – With fewer moving parts, screw compressor chillers are both low-maintenance and reliable. Advanced models use European-standard Schneider electrical components for an extended and stable service life. These units also support RS-485 and PROFINET communication protocols and come equipped with intelligent programmable logic controllers.
  • User-friendly interface – Today’s screw compressor chillers offer intuitive operation panels and larger display screens, providing detailed alarm notifications to assist with troubleshooting.

Where to find screw compressor chillers

For businesses seeking a high-quality air-cooled or water-cooled screw compressor chiller, SENHO is an excellent choice. The company offers customization to fit your specific cooling requirements. Contact SENHO today for an estimate tailored to your needs.

About the Company:

Senho Machinery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is a leading manufacturer of industrial chillers and process cooling equipment. The company was established in 2008 in Shenzhen, China, and has since provided advanced industrial chillers to numerous industries to fulfill their process cooling and central factory-wide cooling requirements.

Senho Machinery (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd produces and markets a range of chiller models, including screw and scroll chillers, glycol chillers, brine chillers, central chillers, process chillers, cooling towers, water pumps, water tanks, and others. The company’s team of skilled and committed professionals, who have extensive experience in the field of industrial cooling, manufacture these chillers. Customers can choose from both air-cooled and water-cooled chiller options.




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