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Laminate or porcelain flooring: which one to choose for my property?

With the base ready, the time has come to choose the finishes for the renovation or construction. But those who think they can relax at this time are wrong. As well as the structure of the property, the choice of coverings also deserves special attention to avoid mistakes or damage to the work. For example laminate or porcelain flooring? Do you know which one is the ideal option for your project?

In fact, both alternatives are advantageous in terms of durability and practicality. However, some basic differences between the two models make each of them better suited to a given situation. That’s exactly what we’re going to explain to you in this post. Check out!

Laminate flooring: advantages and disadvantages

Laminate flooring, as the name suggests, is covered with a melamine sheet that imitates wood, but at a lower cost. This coating is responsible for giving the floor some resistance to stains and abrasions. Below, check out the pros and cons of this option.



Laminate floors are very easy to clean: just wipe a damp cloth with neutral detergent over all the extensions of the flooring. Just be careful with waxes and other polishes, as, over time, these products can form an oily layer on laminates.

In addition, this type of floor is anti-allergenic, which makes it the best option for children’s and elderly rooms, for example. Installation is another advantage, as it is agile, does not generate debris, and requires little labor. You may also be interested to buy flooring service here top flooring companies near me


As mentioned, the melamine coating of laminate flooring is what guarantees its durability. Also, this type of finish is not slippery. All the more reason to choose them when it comes to children’s or elderly people’s rooms.

Thermal and acoustic comfort

Those who do not give up the coziness will certainly make a good choice when opting for laminate flooring, as this type of coating offers excellent thermal and acoustic comfort.

In other words, while helping to keep the floor at a  pleasant temperature, these pieces are also capable of controlling the noise coming from the street, reducing the concentration of noise.


The caveat regarding laminate floors is that they are not recommended for areas with humidity, as they have a low resistance to this condition.

But don’t despair! As mentioned, you can clean it with a damp cloth, walk with wet feet, or even accidentally drop a glass of water on the garment. The restriction is on not wetting the coating completely or frequently.

Porcelain: advantages and disadvantages

Porcelain tiles have established themselves in the market for being a classic, versatile and easy-to-maintain type of coating. See its pros and cons!


Due to their large dimensions, the porcelain tiles enhance the composition of different types of environments, favoring sensations of breadth, refinement, and lightness.

But, if the room is too small, avoid placing the porcelain tile diagonally. Otherwise, you will lose the sensory effect of amplitude, not to mention the waste of irregular cutting of parts.


Porcelain tiles are one of the toughest options on the market. Therefore, this type of coating is ideal for areas with high circulation in the house, such as living rooms and kitchens.

low porosity

Because they have a rigid finish and low porosity, porcelain tiles are also recommended for wet areas, such as bathrooms, balconies, and swimming pools. Precisely because they do not absorb water, the pieces are washable, ensuring easy cleaning.

For bathrooms, prefer enameled porcelain, as it is even less porous. In the box area, the chosen model must be non-slip.


As they are very cold floors, porcelain tiles are not recommended for children’s rooms, as they love to play on the floor. Some models are very smooth and therefore should also be avoided to prevent accidents. But beware: to avoid losses at the time of purchase, look for reliable stores that offer quality products and guaranteed origin, as well as specialized service to guide you on the models and their applications.

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