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How to Measure the Engagement Rate of Your Website

No one likes boring content! You hate going through boring content, so you don’t want your site to be boring. But how do you keep your readers happy so that they stay on your website? How do you even measure how much your audience likes your site? Rest assured, there are answers for you.

The engagement rate of a site is a method used to gauge the interaction of the audience with the content on the site typically measured through likes, shares, saves, and/or comments, divided by the total amount of followers and multiplied by 100.

If you’d like to learn how to measure the engagement rate for your site, and more importantly how to increase the engagement rate, read on.

What Does Engagement Rate Say About Your Site?

Engagement rate doesn’t just give you an idea of how many people are interacting with your content. The level of interaction your audience is willing to give will give you insight about how good your audience thinks your content is.

The more you engage your audience through your content, the more likely you are to turn your viewers into conversions who return to your site, stay longer, and interact more. Engagement rates are a good way to sense if your audience is turning from prospects, to customers.

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How is the Engagement Rate Measured?

Engagement can be measured through various tools, but a cheap reliable method of measuring the engagement rate is calculated through the formula: ER = (total engagement / total followers) x 100

Different factors can make up your total engagement. It’s important to be consistent what factors are chosen when you’re comparing your site to others or taking measurements several months apart. Otherwise the measurements won’t be reliable.

Your total engagement can be the total amount of shares, the total amount of likes, the sum of total likes and comments, etc. However you measure the success of your content can be your total engagement.

As an example, let’s say you have 300,000 followers on a social media platform and you want to measure the engagement rate for a post you uploaded last week through the total of likes (109,000) and shares (15,000).

Then the engagement rate for that piece of content would be: ((109,000 + 15,000) / 300,000) x 100 = 41.3%

That would be a very engaging piece of content.

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How to Create Engaging Content

It would be nice to reach numbers like that. So how can you do it? Well, creating engaging content all comes back to basic marketing techniques:

1. Making content that helps your intended audience.

2. Paying attention to rising and seasonal trends.

3. Include variety to keep your content interesting. Not just different subjects, but images, videos, and interactive content to keep your readers interested.

4. Add a call-to-action (CTA) to attract your readers to more content.


It’s hard to compete in the world of top sites but it helps when you’re able to measure which pieces of content on your site are engaging. The calculated rate won’t tell you whether the interactions are good or bad, but the comments will.

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