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How eCommerce Stores Can Benefit from Personalization


eCommerce personalization refers to a practice used by e-stores to provide particular services to customers, hence the name personalization. It is achieved by gathering information from the site such customer behavior, buying behavior, sex, age, etc.

This data collected is used to provide content (video, photos, infographics) that will appeal to the existing audience. eCommerce personalization is a very useful practice because it helps online retailers to increase their conversion rate by turning visitors to buyers.

As far as a website is transactional in nature, ecommerce personalization tools should be an integral part of building and growing the business. A plat form can be personalized by taking the following data into consideration.


• Type of goods purchased
• Type of goods viewed
• Items added to carts

  • Time and date
  • Geographic location
  • Weather
  • Source of referral
  • Devices used


  • Products previously purchased
  • Customer loyal

There are many other parameters that can be taken into consideration, impossible for a human being to manage manually, hence, the need for ecommerce personalization platform to track and analyze all this data about consumers.

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Benefits of eCommerce Personalization

There are several benefits of using ecommerce personalization tools in tour business. Some which serve immediately and others in the long run. This section examines a few examples.

  • Boosts Engagement Rate

eCommerce personalization increases the engagement of customers and visitors on your page as they respond more to pop up messages, forms such as landing pages and signing up for newsletters. This is because the content appeals to them on a personal level, giving them the prompt to know more.

  • Strengthens Customer Loyalty

Since brand engagement strengthens emotional connection between seller in buyer, the customer is more likely inclined to come back when next they need the particular service because the brand has proven to know their needs and has met those needs effortlessly.

  • Call to Action (CTA)

If a page responds to the customer’s “why” smoothly and simply, there is a higher probability of the customer taking a buying action on the product without too much thinking.

  • Saves Time

Since ecommerce personalization software are tailored to collect, analyze, and represent data in the simplest ways possible, it saves the sales team an enormous amount of time in deciding the kind of sales techniques they use for a product. This is because they already have a grouped representation of all the information necessary to determine these techniques.

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eCommerce Multi-Channel Personalization

This is the personalization of user experience across the different platforms that they are likely to encounter the product on, both online and offline. It is important to maintain a consistent tone across all these channels so that at no point in time will the customer lose the connection they have with your product or be distracted by another product.


With increasing competition in businesses in this era, only the smartest will win and that is why smart technologies like ecommerce personalization tools are a must to foster business growth.

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