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Calculate how much you can buy a home for and apply for a loan certificate

The home purchase calculator can help you calculate how much you can buy when you are looking for a new home. The calculator is based on a standard budget and what you state about your finances.

After your calculation, you can easily apply for a loan certificate, so you can act quickly when you find your dream home. The loan certificate is free and valid for six months.

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Calculate how much you can buy a home for

In our home purchase calculator, you can adjust with your income, expected payment on the home purchase, and your total, current debt. This is the information we need to give you an estimate of how much you can buy a home for.

But if you can reasonably accurately answer the three factors in the calculation – and the four additional questions – then you actually have a very realistic bid on what you can buy housing for.

What can I borrow to buy a home?

What you can borrow to buy a home for depends on your payment and income in particular. You must be able to pay a minimum of 5% of the price of the home. So even if your income is above average, it affects how much you can buy a home for if it does not say the whole world on your savings.

Your income affects how much you will be able to repay on the home purchase each month. In the home purchase calculator, we, therefore, take into account whether you have a car and children, for example. We do this as it affects how much you will have to have leftover after fixed expenses.

How much does it cost to borrow to buy a home?

How much does a home equity loan cost? Use our home loan calculator and get a quick overview of what it will cost you to borrow for a house, condominium or holiday home.

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