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Alexander McQueen Shoes Sale upper features an ice-gray suede star

And, because time has a funny way of passing by so quickly (wild, I know), the hottest season of the year will be here before we know it. Luckily, there’s still ample time to shape your warm-weather wardrobe, which includes everything from summer wedding guest dresses and crescent bags to the best clogs. Finally setting your style free, emptying your mind. A timeless icon yet one that’s constantly evolving. The streets leading to Alara, the concept store that hosted Homecoming, were filled with some of the city’s most stylish creatives all making their way to the festival-and a quick glance at the attendees was a reminder of how and why Lagos has earned a reputation as Africa’s fashion capital. Actually liking and being supportive of the product that you’re endorsing is so nice. At roughly 1,000 and up, they’re certainly an investment piece-so it only feels fitting that Succession’s billionaire Roy family would own them. “I always say Metier is designed for people who have plenty to say and nothing to prove,” Morris says of her clientele. Cult brand Bombas is getting even cuter by teaming up with Insta-favorite chef Sophia Roe on a limited-edition collection of charitable T-shirts and socks (including a pair emblazoned with “hi, i love you”). With the help of the Fox family, Reynolds has designed a limited-edition DearTerry T-shirt which has already helped raise over 1 million dollars in pre-sales alone. Now, the theme of the clown has seemingly reached its sartorial peak: it was literally everywhere at the spring 2023 couture shows in Paris. Urban style and a spirit of craftsmanship are combined in our Running Sole sneakers: the ideal companion for your metropolitan adventures. The sabot version of this model with a white nappa leather Alexander McQueen Shoes Sale upper features an ice-gray suede star. Canadian tuxedos have stayed on the periphery of what’s “in” for years, with celebrities including Katie Holmes and Meghan Markle slowly bringing the denim-on-denim look to the forefront. Finished with an signature on the tongue and heel counter. Resale is levelling up thanks to Poshmark.

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