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WOW WOTLK Classic Gold the Kirin Tor

His main targets were the mages of WOW WOTLK Classic Gold the Kirin Tor, centered within the town of Dalaran which now hovered over Northrend to aid Azeroth’s fight against Lich King. This was the beginning of the Nexus War, and Malygos’ plan to redirect every arcane resource from the world to the Nexus, effectively draining the world of all arcane energy. The Azeroth’s crust was then forced to break and crack, and the threat of world extinction forced the other dragonflights of the dragons to intervene. The red, bronze and green dragons teamed up with the Kirin Tor in order to stop Malygos’ craziness. Alextrasza the Life-Binder queen of Red dragons, had no choice but to put her brother in jail for good, assisting ordinary heroes in the fight against the once magnificent Spell Weaver. In the end, Nexus War ended, but without an eminent leader the blue dragons were at a crossroads and Azeroth did not have an Attitude of Magic to safeguard it.

The Horde and Alliance were expanding their territory as they attempted to penetrate into the very heart of The Scourge Icecrown Citadel. One of the locations proved to be a difficult obstacle to overcome. To gain entry, the troops of Azeroth had to pass Angrathar the Wrathgate the Wrathgate, which is where undead hordes waited in a trance. For the Alliance forces were headed by highlord Bolvar Fordragon who is a highly respected paladin and the Horde attack was led by Dranosh Saurfang, the young son of Varok Saurfang. It was the WoW’s Alliance and Horde had joined forces in order to stop Arthas’ reign. everything seemed to be going well until Arthas himself showed up prior to the Wrathgate. Dranosh boldly took off but was instantly killed, his soul taken over by Frostmourne.

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Meanwhile, the Grand Apothecary Putress of the Forsaken was developing a form of blight that could kill both the living and the undead, and he wouldn’t hesitate to showcase to the world the potential of this blight. Putress unleashed several canisters of deadly blight onto the battlefield, indiscriminately devastating scorge Horde as well as Alliance soldiers alike before anyone could respond. Arthas himself was forced to withdraw, while Bolvar Fordragon was preparing to suffer the effects of the poison. However, the red dragons appeared on the Wrathgate and destroyed the blight with their flaming flames. Bolvar was badly wounded by the flames of dragons and, to no one’s surprise, subsequently taken prisoner by the Scourge.

Naturally, both the Horde and Alliance were not particularly attracted with Sylvanas Windrunner who was WoW’s leader of the Forsaken. She claimed that Putress had been acting for the Legion and not under her own instructions, though many doubted her alibi. She claimed that Varimathras The Dreadlord was able to take over the Undercity from her control while she was in Northrend. The Horde willingly assisted, and the Alliance determined to retaliate against Bolvar attacked the Undercity and wrested control of it from Varimathras. No matter how successful of the Horde, the Alliance were furious at the betrayal of their faith that had WOTLK Gold caused them to lose so many lives.

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