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Which class to pick in Lost Ark?

The game has secured more than 20 million players with the possibility of 1.32 million active users Lost Ark Gold. If you’d like to know more about the popularity of the game over the globe and the significance of Gold River in it, read on. While you’re at it think about reading the Lost Ark Destroyer Build guide.

Who is Lost Ark Gold River?

The reason for the success of this well-known MMORPG lies in the team of directors who run the game. The director of Lost Ark, Keum Kang-sun together with his alias “Gold River” has achieved success through making the game appealing and enjoyable to play for the players. Some People get confused and think that Gold River to be the chief executive in Lost Ark, but that’s not the case. Gold River is actually the alias of the director of the game Keum Kang-sun and has been the chief architect in creating the Lost Ark game.

Under his direction the game has been very successful on both the world and the western platforms. His interview was conducted by Global, where they had discussions on the global performance of the game since its launch. They also discussed pertinent news.

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Why Is Lost Ark Community Googling Him?

In an interview recently during an interview Gold River, he stated that he is going to quit as director of the game because of his health concerns. He also stated the fact that keeping an eye on the game in order to improve it for the player is a demanding job that requires intense effort. His health does not allow him to continue doing that as he cannot handle too much workload due to the medical issues.

The last LOA-ON event in Lost Ark, the organizers were required to implement special first-aid measures and have an ambulance ready for emergency situations due to health concerns in Gold River. In December, the upcoming LOA-ON event will probably be his last outing with members of the Lost Ark community, and a new director will be announced there. You should also take a look at our Lost Ark Treasure Maps guide.

Gold River Contributions to Lost Ark

Gold River deserves a considerable amount of credit for the successful debut of Lost Ark. Now that his health is a concern, he has to step down and focus more on his mental and physical health. Gold River has also loved collaborating in the Lost Ark community and working with them to make the ultimate game. Gold River stated in his interview that Lost Ark Gold for sale: I promise to improve the game today than yesterday, tomorrow than today.

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