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Trident of the Seas Update with RS 07 Gold Waiting For Your Decision

We talked about the Trident of those seas, and that You’re able to gain from the Kraken from the lakes of the Stronghold Slayer Cave. Therefore, will it be a shame if it could only be utilized for Cave Kraken?

It requires 1 departure rune, 1 chaos rune, 5 fire runes and 10 coins for being billed, and holding for up to 2,500 charges in each cast.

The biggest gap between the Trident of the Seas and ordinary spells is the Trident of the Seas allowing players to cast spells 20% faster than others. Based on that, it is going to be good if the Trident of the Seas may have the ability to attack players in different locations.

The Trident of the Seas operate in PvP areas or minigames

Or if it be in certain safe minigames?

If you’re worried about the Trident of the Seas being used as a griefing weapon in the same way in which the crystal can be, you can be totally rest assured.

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However, should you would rather upgrade it in some safe minigames, such as Castle Wars and the TzHaar Fight Pit, then the PvP areas will only be ignored.

You are able to make your decision on OSRS Content Poll 16 following week. Whether it suit or not, you’ll be the top one to tell. Well, we believe that item will be good if it could bring up to RuneScape Gold or RS 2007 Gold as they can.

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