To complete Cuadrado you need to enter a total of four squads.

Cuadrado is coming in at around 250k or just under. Depending on how EAFC 24 Coins much fodder you have available in the club, this may be cheaper. However, there is a big lack of fodder in the game right now so your club might be pretty dry. If so, think wisely before putting fodder into this card.

How To Complete Cuadrado
To complete Cuadrado you need to enter a total of four squads.

An 83-rated squad with one Colombian player The cheapest 83-rated players in the game right now are Ziyech, Henderson, and Firmino at around 2k

An 84-rated squad with one TOTW player The cheapest 84-rated players are Bellingham, Vlahovic and Di Maria at around 3k

An 85-rated squad, no special requirements The cheapest 85-rated players are Sommer, Schick and Moreno, all at around 7.5k

An 86-rated squad with one TOTW player ​​​​​​​The cheapest 86-rated players are currently Laporte, Szczesny and Coman at around 14-15k.

Should You Complete These Cuadrado SBC?
Cuadrado card obviously looks fantastic, and EA know this fully, hence the pretty high price. Here a look at some attributes and stats of the card.

Cuadrado is blisteringly fast with 94 total pace, with 95 Acceleration and 93 Sprint Speed This is even more present in the game that Explosive and Controlled have been brought more in line with Lengthy

80 Shooting, obviously not the card best attribute, but this is still extremely high for a card that will likely play a more defensive role in your team

Really decent passing at 82, but nothing spectacular. 88 Crossing is great for those swings down the wings, but 76 Vision is pretty low

Cuadrado has EA Sports Football Club Coins outstanding dribbling – 90 overall, with 96 Agility but a weird split of 85 Balance. 93 Dribbling stat and 82 in Composure.

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