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Three steps to help improve the accessibility of Diablo 2

“In 2001 there wasn’t as much information on the web about how to play Diablo 2 ‘correctly’ (Baal plays for XP as well as D2R Items for magical finds, etc.),” PezRadar said. “Today the beginner can find the most amazing content creators that can teach players what to do using a variety of ways.

A majority of them include a lot of database load in the form of creating loading, degrading, and then destroying games all in a short time. We did anticipate this, with players creating fresh characters on new servers, and working hard in order to find their magic items — we significantly underestimated the amount of information we gained from our beta testing.”

Another major issue is the number of database saves across the world, which are happening way often and without reason. Blizzard has implemented some changes to help smooth things out currently and is developing a permanent fix, but it’s some time away because it’s “an architecture overhaul that will take time to construct and test, before implementing.”

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At the moment, Blizzard is taking three steps to help improve the accessibility of Diablo 2: Resurrected more reliable and accessible. Rate limiting is a way to put limits on how quickly and frequently players can make and join games; the development of an MMO-style login queue to ensure servers don’t get overwhelmed by large numbers of concurrent logins; and the division of critical functions into smaller services.

But these steps could mean alienating a chunk in the Diablo 2: Resurrected player base on their own. For players who exceed limit on their rate, for instance they will receive an error message telling them that there’s an issue communicating with game servers.

d2r items buy isn’t that more than what they’re running through now (but is likely to occur in less frequent intervals and to less people) as login queues can mean that players will have long waiting times before they can enter the game. Both are far better over the current scenario but will not do much to solve the many calls to completely eradicate these irritants.

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