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This tiny spot is hidden away beneath the cliffside in the southern portion of Liurnia

Achieving the first strike can be difficult due to the fact that the Corpse Piler can sap your resources and leave you vulnerable it is possible that you will be at the mercy of experienced opponents in PvP. However, we’ve developed the perfect Rivers of Blood PvP build that Elden Ring Runes, when used properly, is able to fight against any opponent, in any circumstance.

In the order that follows, you’ll want to focus on dividing your attributes according to Arcane, Endurance, Vigor, and Dexterity. It’s crucial to keep them almost equally high, however, ignoring what it says in Rivers of Blood item description states, your primary DPS numbers are Arcane and Dexterity in that order.

You’re probably not going to want to invest a lot of points in Strength, which accounts for the least amount to the amount of damage produced by Rivers of blood. With respect to the other three abilities You only need to cap your Mind at 20 or, at a minimum, 25. Furthermore, you do not require any points in either of these areas or Intelligence at all.

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If you can increase your four primary stats to at least 50 per piece and then subsequently choose to expand into magical abilities later (once you’ve reached the level 175+ or more) you could find benefit in investing in Faith, which allows to use powerful dragon roars and other incantations that can give you additional attack power for example, Golden Vow or Flame, which grants Me Strength.

Rivers of Blood itself can be found on the body of Bloody Finger Okina, an NPC invader who shows up when you first enter the Church of Repose, located in the Mountaintops of the Giants area which is accessible during the second section in the course buy Elden Ring Items. We’ve got plenty of information about how to locate Rivers of Blood in Elden Ring.

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