Now head east from the Relay Guard Camp towards the Hoverboard Testing Site. Keep to the left side of the path. Just before you get to the entrance to the site Lost Ark Gold, you’ll see three large metal cylinders against the fence. Next to the cylinder that isn’t in an oblong frame is a sack. Investigate this sack to find the ‘Vacuum-dried Powder X-1’ you need.

With both ingredients in your inventory, head back to the Cooking Master in Origins of Stern, who stands outside Neria’s Tavern. The robot cook will create the Cykin Combat Ration Type C you need for 900 silver coins.

To complete this recipe, you need to collect an ingredient from the first floor of the Heart of Sceptrum dungeon. So, if you don’t have access yet, you’ll need to continue the main story quest until you do. Once inside the dungeon, you need to proceed past the first elevator to the area with the dangerous spinning discs. Go slightly past them, as a few mercenaries will attack you. It’s best to dispatch these first, before searching out the ingredient you need.

Now, look back to the discs. There’s a machine throwing them out from either side of the path. Despite having health bars, these machines cannot be damaged or defeated. Just past the one on the south side of the gangway, you’ll see some notes on the floor by the corner of the railing. Investigate these to get the Sceptrum Prescription ingredient. If you stand in just the right spot, all the discs will continue to miss you – so you can take your time.

Once you’ve got the prescription, you can head back to Origins of Stern and visit Cook, just outside Neria’s Tavern in the Market District. You don’t need to complete the dungeon cheapest Lost Ark Gold, as long as you have the prescription. The Cooking Master will make you the finished Sceptrumpan 3mg for 1,400 silver coins.

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