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The World of Warcraft movie is just an entire month away

Jones also announced on Twitter that Jones also revealed WoTLK Gold that a “troll Raid” scene was removed from the stage version.

“Was too costly to make and wasn’t directly with the main plot, so it was scrapped early on,” he said.

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The World of Warcraft movie is just an entire month away, but the production company Legendary Tainment has shared a new character video to their YouTube channel. The spotlight is focused on half-orc assassin Garona and is portrays by Paula Patton in the upcoming World of Warcraft .

The short features footage of Garona usually stabbing orcs. Garona stabs them using spears, knives, and a sword. In one of the scenes she jumps over a horse but is thankfully not able to stab it. Lothar asks her how she survived, since she doesn’t look “that different” from an orc. She answers by saying “Broken bones are stronger after healing. They’re very strong.” You can see all the stabbing techniques and stabbing in this video.

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This is the third character from World of Warcraft . The first revolved around the orc leader Durotan, while the second featured his human counterpart Anduin Lothar. With Garona starring in the third film, it shouldn’t be a shock for us to get an additional fourth movie featuring Orgrim, the evil orc Orgrim. Other characters featured in the World of Warcraft movie include Horde warchief Blackhand Gul’Dan the orc warlock and King Llane Wrynn.

World of Warcraft hits theatres on June 10. with Patton, Travis Fimmel (Lothar), Toby Kebbell (Durotan), Robert Kazinsky (Orgrim) buy WoTLK Classic Gold, and Dominic Cooper (King Llane). The film’s director is Duncan Jones, who is the son and heir of the late musician David Bowie and has helmed films such as Moon and Source Code.

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