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The massive MMOG did not manage to overtake World of Warcraft

“I believe they’re trying in order to compete with other games on an identical subscriber level to what they are,” he said. “I imagine that the moment one of them decided to go for a free game, it ate away the other players. I can easily imagine that could be the scenario for World of Warcraft . If a new game is released that blows us away, it could not be the best idea for us to pay an annual subscription fee. And, later on in the future, when there is another WoTLK Gold to play.”

While WOW is still a paid-for game, Blizzard has already implemented various microtransaction features in WOW. Alongside in-game services that range from transfer of servers for characters in the game to name changes and faction changes and more, the company also sells game-specific items, such as The $15 Celestial Steed and the $10 Lil’XT pet. Blizzard provides players with remote access to the auction house within WOW’s games using the Web web browser, or mobile device for an additional $3 per month.

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UK Chart: World of Warcraft is ranked third

World of Warcraft : Cataclysm is the third expansion to Blizzard’s massively online role-playing game, has landed third on the UK chart following its release on the 9th of December. The massive MMOG did not manage to overtake buy WoTLK Classic Gold : Black Ops which has remained in the top spot as well as FIFA 11 which sits at second place. It’s worth noting however, it is important to note that UK charts currently do not contain full data on digital sales and Cataclysm became the initial World of Warcraft expansion to be available in retail stores as well as for download simultaneously. Cataclysm is by far the only new title to make it into the top 10 after an extremely slow week of releases.

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