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The design is that the only person in your group

The next expansion of WoTLK Gold , Shadowlands is taking the wars of Azeroth to a totally new place and that’s the afterlife. The journey to a brand new realm of existence, one that Blizzard hasn’t explored in depth within its games or WoW’s story-telling–provides opportunities for developers to create new ways of playing WoW with the expansion that haven’t been included in Azeroth prior to.

Torghast and The Tower of the Damned, is a very literal representation of the Shadowlands offering something completely distinct from what is normally the WoW formula. The latest endgame game in the Shadowlands generally conceives WoW as the game of a rogue. On paper, it shares similarities to World of WarcraftV’s Deep Dungeons called “Palace of the Dead” and “Heaven-on-High” that employ similar roguelike structures and throw challenging enemies and variables at you as you ascend a number of floors. Here, WoW is proving to be an endless challenge , which plays differently from the rest the game in certain significant ways.

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At Blizzcon 2019, executive producer John Hight and senior game designer Johnny Cash explained how Torghast gave Blizzard a chance to mess in the WoW formula and experiment a bit. It’s basically an imposing tower where you’re faced with a myriad of fights that get more difficult in difficulty the higher you go. Your aim is to make it as far as you can before you’re killed.

“We really wanted to give you a place to to buy WoTLK Classic Gold, commit maybe just 45 minutes, and enjoy a thrilling replayable moment,” Hight said. “The design is that the only person in your group, or five or more people in your group, start climbing up this mountain that was specifically designed to kill you or to bring you to the ground.

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