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Seemingly one of the easiest RuneScape skills to learn since it requires just a pickaxe

At the moment, I’m at 70 def There are a lot of options available when it comes to armour. In particular, I’m in the process of changing my body armor RuneScape Gold. At the moment I’m using an Granite Body and in all truth, I’m not an enthusiast of it but it gets the job done, I suppose. What’s really I’m asking is Barrows armor worth it to train? I’m not the most wealthy (currently got just about 1.2m) and it seems somewhat pointless for me to continue to fix it when I’m not going to do anything else like PK.

Would you stick with the Granite Body, or is there a different option that I’m even aware of? Is it worth investing to get Verac’s Brassard in particular? Barrows armor is pretty good and is almost certain to weigh less than granite, and some of it includes pretty decent prayer benefits (not the reason you’d want them).

In the long run, the cost of repairing is going to run you well beyond the price of the Bandos chestplate if you just often employ Barrows However, it can last for a really long time if you don’t do much combat. For training, it’s still fairly good, and 15 hours is plenty of time. It’s definitely worth it if don’t have the money to buy Bandos in the beginning, because the initial price of 1 mil and then a further 1 mil every 15 hours is a reasonable price.

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A little bit of analysis has revealed that a complete body can cost 270k repair at Bob. which should give you, ah, what’s the cost of Bandos Chestplate, 16 mil? I don’t know how exactly to calculate how many repairs you’d use (mostly since I’m just not doing well today) until you’re at 270000 (or less when you’re using a POH armor stand) However, it is an awful lot of lives RS 2007 Items. This is bolded to avoid my derpy ramblings Make sure you Make sure you invest in Barrows.

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