Ranged damage is such a big deal in Dark And Darker

Find out about the best classes for Dark And Darker Gold Coins solo queue here. Max Level Fighter Build At level 20, youll have access to four perks in total. In terms of perks, this is where the versatility of the Fighter comes in to play, and your perk choices might differ depending on your playstyle.

Weve opted to keep the same abilities as the starter build as we think they are still both extremely useful, both for solo play and team play. If you are running with a Cleric you might consider dropping Second Wind and replacing it with Adrenaline Rush for engaging with enemies.

Swift – Movement speed is king. We cant see how you could remove this perk from the build. Projectile Resistance – Ranged damage is such a big deal in Dark And Darker, both from skeleton archers and enemy Rangers. Having a little extra defense can really help.

Combo Attack – The Fighter is all about closing down space and getting into enemys faces. This combo attack can help stack attack speed for close-range engagements. Defense Expert – 10% extra AR is actually pretty significant, especially when youve got some decent armor sets on.
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Best Fighter Gear To Look Out For The Fighter can wield any weapon if youre using the Weapon Mastery perk, which means you get a lot of choice when it comes to the weapon you want to use. For example, the Fighter with a bow is extremely strong.

You can swap out from your sword/axe and then deal ranged damage as well with no damage penalty. In the early game, however, we recommend you stick with the shield. This is the idea tool to learn enemy attack patterns and to give yourself a fighting chance against other players.

Gear with movement speed and + to all attributes are what youre looking out for, but typically just pick up the best gear in terms of AR that you can find during the beginning. One of the best weapons for the Fighter is the Spear. Here are a few tips to help you improve your Fighter gameplay.

This weapon can deal excellent damage from a medium range, which allows you to easily bypass Barbarians, catch up to Rogues and Rangers, and even dodge around a Fighters shield. While the Halberd is also a ranged weapon, you cant thrust with it, which makes the Spear the superior choice.

Combat in Dark And Darker is directional, i.e, you need to aim your shield block where the attack is coming from. This applies to both enemy players and skeletons/other monsters. Just something to keep in mind.Second Wind is typically the buying Dark And Darker Gold most popular skill for new players, as it essentially gives you a second chance with full HP.

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