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Players received the following message in a vague form

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Before the game’s launch at all, the Diablo community had mixed feelings about the impending sequel. Screenshots and videos of the game displayed an even brighter and more vibrant aesthetic than the one of the previous two games which were dark and gothic. Fans who had hoped for a grimer perspective from a game that was actually about Satan were disappointed by this new direction.

We would later discover, Blizzard actually did design Diablo with a dark visual style before adding bright elements and a broader color palette. Blizzard took a sly swipe at itself with its Easter egg Whimsyshire with its unicorn-filled land with a brighter color palette than other in Diablo. It’s even designing Diablo 4 with the promise of art direction that is closer to Diablo 2.

While Diablo was getting ready for launch, though there was a hushed sound of discontent before it left the gates. With the art style so divided it’s obvious that the proof had to be in the game. Once you’ve gotten your hands upon Diablo, Blizzard suggested, you’d be a believer.

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So, with an eager bunch of demon hunters itching to test the game it’s paces and find out how it performed, it was doubly problematic when it was discovered that they could not actually accomplish that. Instead of seeing the game they’d been anticipating since the last half of a decade, players received the following message in a vague form:

There was no indication the extent to which the servers were or the time it would take to get them fixed players were in uncertainty. They had no idea what to do or check back later or even give up completely. Game Director Josh Mosqueira later said that the event was bigger than anyone on staff had anticipated–even after doubling and then tripling projections in the volume Blood, Sweat, and Pixels by Jason Schreier.

This was especially galling because of the game’s constant online requirement. Although Diablo has a multiplayer component, you can complete the entire game by yourself when you’d like to. There’s no reason that players shouldn’t have the ability to simply fight their way through the game on their own, regardless of whether servers were up and running or not.

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However, playing offline, as was diablo II resurrected items possible in the initial two games, was not an option. So eager fans could not make any progress whatsoever while Blizzard solved the server problems. This issue wasn’t entirely by surprise: Prior to its release, and basing upon the beta playable, players were already concerned with the always-online requirement.

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