Path Of Exile is an MMORPG developed by Grinding Gear Games, which is very popular. Path Of Exile has a large selection of weapons and preparations to strengthen your character. As a junior player, if you want to quickly upgrade to obtain powerful weapons and armor, it is important to have PoE Currency .

It may be difficult for beginners to determine the value of a specific currency item. MMORPG will take you through the main currency items in PoE. We will help you understand what you should save for possible future productions, or whether you should use it for quick upgrades.

Why is Currency Important in Path of Exile?

Technically, it’s not THAT important. My meaning is, you don’t have to intentionally farm currency just to progress. There are many beginner-friendly and budget viable builds out there that can carry your character to late game bosses. Currency will come as you progress into the game, you do not have to worry too much about it but there are many method to earn currency that you might miss in the game.

Common Currency items

We divided poe currency into three groups. The first of these is the common currency, which the player will meet from the very first minutes of the game, and which can be used for low-level crafting and ease of levelling.

On the first line are two types of scrolls – Wisdom and Portal. The first serves to unidentify items, and the second creates a portal to town, which is clear from their descriptions.

Then in the second line are the orbs that players use to craft starting items.

Orb of Transmutation adds 1-2 new modifiers to normal equipment (white ones) and the item becomes magic rarity (blue).

You can also use Orb of Chance to upgrade normal equipment – as a result, most likely there will be a magic item, but maybe you are lucky and get rare or even unique!

Orb of Alteration re-rolls modifiers on magic equipment.

Blessed Orb re-rolls values of the implicit modifiers (under the requirements within two horizontal lines, commonly found on rings, amulets and belts).

The third line is the orbs that improve the quality of items. In Path of Exile, the maximum quality that can be obtained on an item using these orbs is 20%. Blacksmith’s Whetstone improves the quality of weapons, Armourer’s Scrap – armour, and Glassblower’s Bauble – quality of a flask.

The latter is Engineer’s Orb, it improves the quality of a strongbox, allowing you to get a big reward.

The next line contains the orbs that affect sockets on a weapon or armour. Chromatic Orb re-rolls the colour, Jeweller’s Orb randomizes the number of sockets and the last one, Orb of Binding is quite useful at the beginning of the game. It will upgrade the normal item to a rare one and add up to four linked sockets (except shields and one hand weapons because they can only have up to 3 sockets max).

The last 2 currency items are Silver Coin and Perandus Coin. They are not used for crafting, but serve as the currency for NPCs. Silver Coin can be exchanged for prophecies with Navali (you will meet her in the first act at The Climb) and after you help her, she will be in the city. Perandus Coin can be used to trade for items with Cadiro Perandus. It is much more difficult to meet him, he appears only on maps with Perandus mod, at the very end of the game.

All of the above currency items are rarely used in poe trade currency, they are usually sold in bulk – several hundred at once, and Perandus Coin in general by thousands. Therefore, spending a few dozen of these orbs to craft the necessary equipment at the beginning of the game will be a good solution.

Valuable Currency

The next category contains currency items that aren’t as easy to obtain as the common currency ones. They’re typically used by high-level players, which is why they’re quite valuable and in high demand. First, let’s talk about the best-selling orbs. The Orb of Alchemy is used for upgrading normal items to rare ones, and it’s usually used for crafting maps or even for equipment during the endgame.

Then, the Orb of Fusing re-rolls the links found between sockets. This specific currency is in high demand because you can use about a thousand orbs just to link 6 sockets. The Orb of Scouring gets rid of all the modifiers within magic or rare item. Then, it changes that item to a normal one. If you’re looking to corrupt an item, the Vaal Orb is the way to go. With this orb, you can no longer modify that corrupted item with any other currency.

The Regal Orb is used if you want to upgrade magic equipment to a rare one, with an addition of a new modifier. If you’re looking for an item wherein you can receive a passive skill respect point, then you can also check out the Orb of Regret. This can come in handy for giving out skill points in your character’s passive tree.

Then, we also have the Gemcutter’s Prism, which is used for improving a gem’s quality. The higher the gem-quality, the better the characteristics of that gem. The valuable currency category also has items for crafting maps, which can come in handy during the end-game content. There’s the Cartographer’s Chisel for improving map quality, while both the Harbinger’s Orb and Orb of Horizons have to do with replacing one map with another.

Lastly, there’s the sextants—Simple Sextant, Prime Sextant, and Awakened Sextant. These currencies can add a special modifier to maps within the same region.

There are also some POE Orbs that will affect the character’s weapon or armor. There are many other items of this kind, waiting for you to dig. If you are a junior player, POE Currency is what you must get, and it is the most worthy of attention. Of course, you can also easily Buy Path of Exile Currency from to improve the efficiency of the game.

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