Path Of Exile: Every Ascendancy Ranked From Worst To Best

No ARPG can tackle Path of Exile’s customization. A passive tree that spans countless nodes and seven classes to decide on is enough to keep any dungeon crawler enthusiast happy, but POE Currency doesn’t hold on there. Skills, Support Gems, and Ascendancies support a near-infinite amount of build possibilities.


Ascendancies, for example, contribute heavily to a build’s identity. They can add new mechanics, reward powerful passive benefits, or grant skills entirely. No Ascendancies are unusable in Path of Exile, a few of the “worst” usually play a crucial role in a very specific aspect of the game. But the community has identified a small number of class specializations that perform well in spite of the circumstance.

Updated on May 5th, 2023 by Hodey Johns: Few games are as likely to change as path of exile currency. An overpowered class one full year is just a nerf or two far from being at the bottom of the charts within the following year. Similarly, bad Ascendancies usually get some good love that literally brings them level using the best-performing Ascendencies. More than simple balancing, as different challenges are added, different roles get a chance to shine inside their particular aspect. This list continues to be completely overhauled to reflect the most up-to-date power rankings using the results gathered in numerous modes of play. No Ascendancy class is the foremost in every aspect of the game, but a majority of them seem to shine in every scenario.

Marauder: Berserker

The Berserker excels at dealing solid quantities of attack damage due to the Rage mechanic. They also master dying. Players that play risky will face more deaths than normal being a Berserker, however, many softcore players sometimes recommend Berserker’s immense damage multipliers.

The better a gamer is at dodging attacks, the higher quality this spec gets. However, against drawn-out fights, taking hits is inevitable. TheBerserker is a detriment and, consequently, is usually a terrible choice in hardcore. The damage is additionally not greater than that of other classes, making the tradeoff of weaker defense difficult to justify. For getting more Sulphite, the Berserker is ok. But when you are looking for high ranks with regard to damage, this Ascendancy needs an overhaul.

This Ascendancy can force shocks, chills, or ignites, throwing down debuffs and incredible casting abilities. Golem builds can also be alive and healthy, and definitely have some summoning and tank capabilities. When you are looking for capturing beasts, the monsters don’t stand a possibility.

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