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One of Runescape’s main attraction was its quests

There is no standard way to earn gold as tasks vary greatly, providing a detailed description of each task is beyond the scope of this guide RuneScape Gold, this guide is purely to be informative, and aims to provide the player with a general knowledge of what is accomplished to improve their financial condition. Two of the gold-making techniques are pretty demanding in terms of encounter difficulty and require skills and equipment therefore are best left to experienced players.

Zulrah is well-known for its excellent drops, high gold per hour rates and it’s a single-player encounter. It demands from player a lot of preparations but don’t let this dissuade you from taking a shot, it’s worthy of the time and effort. It’s invulnerable to melee attacks and, therefore, instead of a high Melee skills, you’ll need an 80 or more Ranged Skill level, at a minimum 70 Defence skill level and 80 in Magic and Hitpoints skill levels, and 45 or greater Prayer skill level.

Get yourself Magic and Ranged armour and weapons sets (ie Armadyl armour Mystic robes, Toxic blowpipe and Trident of the swamp) casting runes, food (we suggest monkfish and shark), combo food to increase the tick rate of gaming Anti-venom, ranging, prayers and magic potions (for the latter, it is possible to imbued with heart) rings of recoils, any form of teleportation (such as Home Tablet in addition to last but definitely not least , the runes of revenge spells.

To unlock the battle, you’ll need to reach Port Tyras in Regicide questline. After that, you’ll be required to offer yourself as an offering to High Priestess Zul Harcinqa Cheap OSRS Fire Cape, after that you’re free to attempt your luck in the realm of serpent god.

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