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On the other hand the things EA has highlighted in the pre-release

Pay attention to the calm circle around the ball FUT 23 Coins.

The circle should be shot when it is at its lowest for maximal accuracy

You must hold R1/RB/L1/LB while you shoot to execute a finesse or chip shot

Use using the stick on the left to steer the shot just before the ball is struck

Corner kicks are still governed by similar set of plays attached to the D-pad so you can choose from a few in both attacking and defensive scenarios.

Set pieces have not only improved in terms of mechanics as well, but their visuals have improved visually. In conjunction with players who are strong and those who are good in the air becoming more relevant again, it’s refreshing to witness EA make improvements in this part within the games.

The feature that I was most curious about experiencing first-hand was the new Physics system. In the wake of HyperMotion 2 being touted as an opportunity to introduce more realistic Physics into the game I wanted to find out what the changes did to have an actual impact. There’s not a perfect mix in this regard. On one hand, you’ll be able to see the updated ball’s physics when you switch play. The ball spins and turns precisely as you follow the ball’s trajectory.

  Jagex seems to have started to be aware of the problem

On the other hand the things EA has highlighted in the pre-release, such as collision physics and deflections appear and feel exactly the same as last year. While the weight of the players has increased, which is a good thing but players are still crashing into each other and produce unrealistic collisions, particularly considering the tendency to keep your fingers glued to the sprint button. The new deflections caused by an extended leg or foot can only be observed in replay, and the some of the replays I’ve seen and especially the power variety may cause some injuries buy FIFA 23 Coins. Deflections and 50-50s will always favor the AI particularly as you become used to the new body forms and what they mean when it comes to speed.

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