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Make sure you check out our FIFA 23 World Cup Promo schedule, so you know which promo items you can expect to be in your rewards FIFA 23 Coins! The latest FIFA 23 update brings a nerf to the Trivela Outside Foot Shot and a FUT Champions Win-Loss Counter, among other things!

These are just a few of the many changes that will go live with the FIFA 23 Title Update #4. Here are a few more important ones you should be aware of.

The accuracy of Trivela Outside Foot Shots is being reduced by up to 30%. This affects all players, including those with the Outside Foot Trait.

Although, players with the Outside Foot Trait will only receive a 10% reduction in accuracy.

Outside foot shots are currently in the FIFA 23 Meta and one of the easiest ways to score a goal.

FUT Champs Win-Loss Counter
Players will now be able to see their current win-loss performance in FUT Champs and FUT Playoffs. This will allow players to see how many more wins they need to secure a certain rank.

Previously, FUT Champions only displayed how many points you had.

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