If you’re looking for Madden NFL 23, the game is thought to be one of the most flawed titles by the majority of its fan base Mut 23 Coins. Featuring some of the biggest technical problems in any sports game, one player stumbled upon an unusual method of scoring a touchdown , one that they honestly, had no business making.

Reddit user mattt913wolf logged on to the site to post a video of his play, showcasing a completed touchdown that was accompanied by a hilarious glitch. The player was James Cook, the user was carrying the ball right up to the five-yard line , but was faced by two opponents. Unable to be tackled by the other players, five more came in to assist, however, they could not help. The player managed to not only hang on to the ball however, he was able to stay on his feet and throw the ball into the touchdown zone as all defending players tumbled over one another, a performance that will surely earn him a nod in a forthcoming Top 10 Running Back list.

This Reddit Community is dedicated to Madden NFL 23 continues to provide some of the best content on the web such as finding fresh bugs and exploits to creating memorable football moments using old-fashioned Madden games. It’s an excellent showcase of how broken the game has become, and despite recognition from a majority of the player base, many of these problems aren’t fixed. Even though a patch for January is coming in to address a number of issues with the overall game experience and Franchise mode, other glaring problems were not mentioned as well, and players are not shy to post about it in social platforms.

Although EA Sports continues to address every issue that is possible there are a few Madden NFL 23 problems that came up in November are still making the rounds and causing players headaches. Although the glitch that is featured in this video might be one that players would like to remain in the game The biggest point of concern isn’t how serious a bug can be or how numerous bugs are remaining active in the game. There’s no way of knowing what time EA will be able tackle these issues, and for currently, they’ll remain there, whether for good or worse Buy Madden 23 Coins. For now, it’s up to players to keep making these complaints and holding the hope that they’ll be addressed in the future updates.

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